Ankle and foot surgeon

Julien Lopez has mastered the techniques of minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery to limit surgical complications.


Discover all the sports pathologies and traumas treated, from the foot to the ankle.

Percutaneous technique

Surgery by percutaneous technique of the forefoot: arthroscopy, osteotomy, etc.

The patient journey


First contact

First contact You can contact Dr Julien Lopez directly by email or by phone. Appointments are made via the Doctolib platform.

First consultation

First consultation During this consultation, the surgeon performs a clinical examination of the foot and asks you about your symptoms. At the end of the appointment, an intervention date can be fixed.


The anesthesia consultation

The anesthesia consultation The purpose of this consultation is to assess your general state of health and to define the type of anesthesia that will be used during the procedure.

Procedure of the intervention

Procedure of the intervention Whatever the pathology you suffer from, Dr. Julien Lopez systematically favors the use of the percutaneous technique. The intervention takes place on an outpatient basis.

Support after the intervention

Support after the intervention Once the operation has been carried out, Dr Julien Lopez will give you all the instructions to follow during the post-operative period: dressing care, healing, medication, etc.

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New cutting-edge technology

Percutaneous technique

It is a technique regularly practiced in France since 2002 which consists in carrying out the operative gestures on the soft parts and/or on the bones, by mini-incisions using specific instruments under radiographic control.


Minimally invasive foot surgery


Julien Lopez has mastered the techniques of minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery to limit surgical complications.

Dr Julien Lopez is a specialist in foot and ankle pathology. During his many years of practice in Nice and Cannes, this foot surgeon was able to keep abreast of all the new developments in the medical field. He now performs a large number of foot operations using micro-invasive surgery.

Dr.Julien Lopez favors the use of micro-invasive foot surgery to provide a faster recovery for the patient and reduce the risk of complications.


Non-invasive surgery: indications and definition


Sequence of micro-surgery


Advantages of the minimally invasive technique