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Dr Julien Lopez

Dr Julien Lopez is a surgeon specialized in percutaneous foot and ankle surgery on the French Riviera.

Aware that surgery can be a source of concern for many, the surgeon is constantly listening to his patients. At each stage of the care journey, he takes the time to explain in detail each of his actions.

The journey of a surgeon applying percutaneous surgery

Dr Julien Lopez is a surgeon who has been applying percutaneous surgery for several years.

Dr. Julien Lopez has always wanted to “fix people”. From this desire came his vocation as a surgeon, a profession he now practices with passion.

His journey:

  • DES General Surgery
  • DESC orthopedics and traumatology
  • Ankle and Foot Surgery IUD
  • Sport Medicine IUD

Julien Lopez began his academic career with 2 years of general surgery. Fascinated by the functioning of the lower limbs, he then chose to carry out a DESC in orthopedics and traumatology. His years of specialization have only confirmed his interest in foot and ankle surgery. He chose to complete his training with an ankle and foot surgery IUD. Dr Julien Lopez then finished his academic career with an IUD in sports medicine.

Once these medical studies were completed, the foot and ankle surgeon continued to train himself by multiplying professional experiences that were increasingly formative.

In order to offer the best care to his patients, Dr.Julien Lopez makes it his mission to stay informed about all the new developments in the medical sector. It is in this way that he gradually learned and trained in percutaneous foot surgery.

The history of podiatry and percutaneous foot surgery

Podiatry and percutaneous foot surgery have undergone many evolutions over the years.


Foot surgery has evolved tremendously over the years. Initially, there were only two medical areas related to feet:

  • Orthopedics, to treat the internal pathology of the foot
  • Pedicure, related to outpatient foot care

Today, podiatry is essential in order to overcome foot disorders. It covers in particular:

  • The study of the normal foot
  • Pathologies that may affect it
  • Posturology
  • The various treatments to be put in place to treat foot conditions
tube opératoire

Percutaneous surgery

A few years later, the emergence of minimally invasive surgery has also revolutionized foot and ankle surgery and the way in which different pathologies are approached. This surgical technique first appeared in the United States before developing in Europe in the 2000s. The technique then arrived in Spain and then in France by the surgeons of GRECMIP, who made it known to the entire medical community.

The percutaneous technique for the foot operation allows the specialist to reach the area to be operated by the bays of micro incisions of the order of only a few millimeters. This allows the surgeon to perform surgical procedures using long, thin instruments coupled with a medical imaging system.

Percutaneous foot intervention allows the patient to benefit from many advantages:

  • Aesthetic scars which are not very visible
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Easy Recovery
  • Reduced infectious risks
  • Resumption of normal activities

Minimally invasive and percutaneous foot surgery facilitated by dialogue

For each minimally invasive and percutaneous foot surgery, Dr. Julien Lopez constantly promotes dialogue and exchange with his patients.

Before the intervention

Before the procedure, the doctor makes every effort to reassure his patients and give them all the information necessary for the proper course of care.

Do you have a question about your pathology and management?

Julien Lopez and his team are at your disposal to answer any questions you have. This will provide you with a detailed response and peace of mind on the day of the intervention.

On the day of the intervention

On the day of the percutaneous foot surgery, the doctor takes the time to reassure his patients properly before operating.

pied bandé

After the intervention

Julien Lopez brings great importance to the follow-up of his patients. Once the surgery of the minimally invasive and percutaneous foot is done, he visits all his patients in their room to learn about their condition and to inform them about the post-operative procedures.

The anesthetist prescribes the treatment of painkillers necessary to permanently relieve the pain felt after the operation. Dr Lopez also gives all the necessary information regarding post-operative care (change of dressing, etc.).

Percutaneous orthopedic surgery to improve patient comfort

The specialist of percutaneous orthopedic surgery is constantly trying to improve the comfort of his patients.

Management always starts with a first consultation, during which the doctor takes the time to examine the patient carefully. The purpose of this consultation is to detect the pathology that causes the deformation and to determine the most suitable treatment.

Because each patient is different, Dr. Julien Lopez systematically adapts the treatment to the type and extent of the condition.

Non-surgical treatment

Non-surgical treatment is usually the first-line treatment to avoid patients having to go through surgery, often feared. Depending on the case and the pathology, he may prescribe different treatments:

  • Orthopedic shoes
  • Plantar orthosis
  • Orthopedic soles
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medicines etc

Surgical treatment

If medical treatment fails, Dr. Julien Lopez will propose surgery.

Concerned about the comfort of his patients, the doctor prefers as much as possible percutaneous surgery of the forefoot. Indeed, this surgical technique allows the patient to benefit from many advantages unlike traditional surgery.

Through percutaneous toe and foot surgery, the patient will benefit from:

  • An accelerated recovery process.
  • Aesthetic scars and not very visible.
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • Reduced complications. Indeed, in the case of percutaneous surgery, complications are much less common than with traditional surgery.
  • Faster return home thanks to percutaneous outpatient surgery.

If you require any further informations, please contact Dr Julien Lopez

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Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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