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Dr Julien Lopez: orthopedic surgeon in Toulon

Julien Lopez is a specialist in percutaneous technique applied to the foot. If you are looking for an orthopedic surgery opinion in Toulon, it can help you.

Present on a large part of the Mediterranean coast, Dr Julien Lopez welcomes you in one of his offices in Nice, Cap d'Ail or Mandelieu.

Are you looking for a good orthopedist in Toulon? Do you have an ankle pain or problem and would like to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon in Toulon?

Doctor Lopez consults in the Alpes-Maritimes department, and if you can’t get to one of his offices, he also offers remote teleconsultations. To make an appointment, you can contact him via the contact form or make an appointment directly on the Doctolib platform.

Diagnosis by the orthopedic surgeon in Toulon

If you have a problem with the forefoot, the hindfoot or have a trauma caused by sport, Dr.Julien Lopez, can guide and offer you a suitable treatment whatever your condition.

It is important to consult as soon as possible. Indeed, a deformity which is too advanced can often be difficult to correct without surgery. As soon as any discomfort or pain appears, do not hesitate to contact Dr Julien Lopez. Through his analysis, he will know how to help you in your treatment whether medical or surgical.

Before proposing treatment, the surgeon systematically conducts a detailed clinical examination. He begins by observing the foot and the deformation. The objective is to identify the condition behind the deformation but also to determine the extent and consequences of it. He can then make a diagnosis.

In order to confirm the diagnosis, different examinations may be required: radiography, ultrasound, scanner, MRI, arthro-scanner, NM, etc.

The scanner is used to analyze the relationships between the different bones of the foot. It is particularly effective in identifying fractures or bone tears. It is also used to analyze joints and identify osteoarthritis of the foot.

The purpose of the ultrasound is to observe the superficial and deep structures of the foot and the soft parts (tendons and ligaments). During this examination, the foot is sometimes set in motion to study how dynamic the foot is.

An MRI is used to observe and analyze soft parts of the foot. Through this examination, it is possible to detect swelling, effusion, bruising, intraosseous swelling, fatigue fractures and cartilage.

During your consultation with the surgeon, remember to bring all the results of your medical examinations.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, Dr. Julien Lopez is able to propose a treatment adapted to the condition identified.

Non-surgical treatments offered by Dr Lopez or an orthopedic surgeon in Toulon

First of all, whether it’s Dr. Lopez or an orthopedic surgeon in Toulon, the first treatment offered is always medical treatment if possible, that is, non-surgical treatment.

Depending on the condition and the extent of the deformation, Dr Julien Lopez is able to offer you different treatments such as:

  • Orthopedic soles. They are usually used to relieve painful areas and distribute support.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Infiltration of PRP or corticoides
  • Wearing suitable footwear
  • Ad hoc use of painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs

It is important to note that this type of treatment is generally used to avoid the progression of the malformation and to reduce pain.

If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon in Toulon expert in percutaneous technique

In case of failure of non-surgical treatment and if your pain continues, it is normal to want to consult an orthopedic surgeon in Toulon who performs foot surgery in Toulon. In some cases, surgical treatment may be necessary.

As both medicine and surgery are constantly evolving, Dr. Lopez is constantly kept informed of the evolution of surgical techniques. Thanks to this constant training, he can now offer his patients the best treatments and apply the most modern surgical techniques.

Julien Lopez is a specialist in the percutaneous surgical technique applied in foot surgery. This surgical technique has many advantages compared to traditional open-pit surgery. It is less invasive and allows for example to:

  • Limit the risk of infection and complications
  • Decrease the pain felt
  • Facilitate the recovery process
  • Reduce the duration of intervention and hospitalization
  • Limit the size of scars

Minimally invasive surgery is a surgery that combines reduced incisions and percutaneous gestures. Dr Julien Lopez makes mini-incisions of the order of a millimeter in order to reach the area to be operated. He then performs the procedure using specific surgical instruments associated with an imaging system.

Pathologies and deformities that can be treated in percutany are: hallux valgus or onion, claw toes, metatarsalgia, suppression of small bone bumps, fractures, Morton syndrome, tendonitis of the Achilles tendon, bunionette or quintus varus…

Who is and where to find the best orthopedic surgeon in Toulon?

In case of a foot condition and if you live in the area of Toulon or its surroundings, it is normal to look for the best orthopedic surgeon in Toulon or simply a foot surgeon in Toulon. Dr Lopez, does not carry out his consulting activity in the city of Toulon itself but he can consult you by teleconsultation or directly at his office of Mandelieu-La-Napoule .

Do you have a question about your condition? Do you need information related to the care pathway? Our secretary will be pleased to respond to you as fully as possible.

Before each operation, Dr. Julien Lopez explains in detail the gestures that will occur. He accompanies his patients at every stage of the care pathway before, during and after the procedure.

Thanks to the use of percutaneous surgery, Dr Julien Lopez’s patients benefit from a faster recovery and fewer adverse effects.

Julien Lopez does everything he can to optimize the pain management journey. This is why he uses locoregional anesthesia in much of his surgery. This technique has the advantage of anesthetizing the operated area until 72h after the operation thanks to the use of peripheral nerve catheters. It is particularly suitable for outpatient operations. Unlike general anesthesia, this technique does not cause loss of consciousness and recovery is easier for the patient.

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The informations on the page is provided for information only, it evokes general cases: your situation is specific.

Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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