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Orthopedic surgeon in Grasse

Is a foot condition making you suffer and seek an orthopedic surgeon in or around Grasse? Dr Julien Lopez welcomes you in one of his 4 offices.

Dr Julien Lopez is a specialist in foot and ankle conditions who has been present on the French Riviera in Nice, Cap d'Ail and Mandelieu for several years. Whether you live in Grasse, Cannes, Marseille or Frejus, this surgeon does everything possible to treat your condition and the pain it causes.

How to see an orthopedist in Grasse?

Do you live on the French Riviera and are you looking for an orthopedist in Grasse who specializes in foot and pathologies near you?

Julien Lopez offers consultation appointments at the Medxcare medical centre in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. Only 22 minutes from Grasse by car, the practice is easily accessible for anyone driving. You can also get there by public transport including both train and bus.

If you are unable to travel, the foot surgeon also offers teleconsultation services.

To make an appointment, you can go to the Doctolib platform to get an overview of availability. Dr Lopez is not an orthopedic surgeon located in Grasse, but his close proximity to the office makes it easier for local residents to book appointments. Appointment booking is also available via the website or by calling his secretary (06 71 00 19 23).

Julien Lopez is a practitioner who listens to his patients. Whatever the condition you have, he will explain in detail the possible actions as well as the various possible treatments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him via the contact form. He will be happy to answer you and give you all the necessary information.

Pathologies managed by the foot specialist in Grasse

Julien Lopez had considered settling in as a foot specialist in Grasse and the pathologies of the forefoot, hindfoot and trauma of the sport. For personal and professional reasons, he moved to Nice.

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The forefoot

Forefoot pathologies are among the most common foot injuries. Here is a non-exhaustive list of pathologies of the forefoot managed by the surgeon: hallux valgus, ingrown nail, rheumatoid foot, claw toe, Morton’s neurosis, bunionette, hallux rigidus, fracture of metatarsals, metatarsalgia, quintus varus, Hallux valgus of the little toe.

The back foot

Le chirurgien propose également la prise en charge des atteintes de l’arrière-pied. Il peut notamment vous proposer un suivi adapté dans le cas de ces pathologies : arthrose de la cheville, prothèse de cheville, tendinite d’Achille et tendinite fibulaire, aponévrosite plantaire, instabilité de cheville, pied plat....

The trauma of sport

Julien Lopez also specializes in sports trauma. He brings his expertise to any condition related to an intense sports practice such as: chronic lodges syndrome, ankle sprain, Achilles tendon rupture, tennis-leg and PRP.

Pathway and foot surgery on Grasse

If you live in the municipality of Grasse or its surroundings (Valbonne, Mouans Sartoux, Roquefort les Pins etc), you may be looking for an orthopedist in Grasse to benefit from foot surgery in Grasse or orthopedic surgery in Grasse.

Julien Lopez offers you a complete follow-up in his office of Mandelieu-La-Napoule from the first consultation to the recovery.

Non-surgical treatment

The surgeon begins by welcoming you to his office for a first consultation. The purpose of this examination is to assess the deformation and determine the condition involved. In order to confirm the diagnosis, Dr. Julien Lopez can prescribe additional medical imaging exams: ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray…

Once the diagnosis is made, the foot specialist will prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you. If non-surgical treatment is possible, it can prescribe the wearing of orthopedic soles, plantar orthotics, performing infiltrations or conducting physiotherapy as appropriate. Note that non-surgical treatment is always the first-line treatment.

Percutaneous surgery

In cases where it takes more than medical treatment, Dr.Julien Lopez turns to foot surgery. This foot surgeon is a specialist in minimally invasive surgery.

Its use has many benefits for the patient:

  • Less risk of complications
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced scar size
  • Reduction of postoperative pain and swelling
  • Ability to return home faster

Minimally invasive foot surgery has the advantage of being performed on an outpatient basis. The patient has the possibility to reach his home only a few hours after the procedure.

This surgical technique combines the use of gestures performed in percutaneous and the use of conventional surgery which is a very particular method.

Gestures made possible by percutaneous surgery

All gestures made on the tendons and joint envelopes can be done percutaneously. Julien Lopez is also able to reaxer the big toe by performing a percutaneous osteotomy. Any correction of a moderate deformation, a deformation of the toes in claw and metatarsalgia is also possible thanks to the percutaneous technique.

Gestures to be done in the open

However, the use of conventional surgery is still necessary for certain gestures. Large deformations of the foot need open-air gestures to be corrected. The same applies to joint lesions of the head of the first metatarsal.

As much as possible, Dr. Julien Lopez favors the use of minimally invasive surgery in order to achieve these gestures with reduced tissue aggression. Although these specific techniques are common and mostly practiced by foot surgeons. Indeed, many Grasse thumb surgeons use the same techniques to have smaller incisions.

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The informations on the page is provided for information only, it evokes general cases: your situation is specific.

Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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