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Dr. Julien Lopez - Orthopedic Surgeon in the Gulf of Saint Tropez

Are you eager to consult an orthopedic surgeon in the Gulf of Saint Tropez? Dr. Julien Lopez offers appointments in Cannes, Nice, or Cap d'Ail.

Specializing in minimally invasive and percutaneous foot surgery, he also performs open surgeries. From the preoperative consultation to the development of a care plan, whether surgical or medical, he will guide you toward the best solutions to reduce your daily pain. Dr. Julien Lopez addresses your current pathologies of the forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot, as well as your ankles.

Whether you are suffering from hallux valgus or claw toes, non-surgical solutions are initially considered based on the stage of your condition and your medical history. As a specialist in sports pathologies, Dr. Julien Lopez takes into account all your daily symptoms and predisposing factors to make a diagnosis.

Orthopedic Physician in the Saint Tropez Region at Your Service

Dr. Julien Lopez is an orthopedic physician located in the Saint Tropez region, specializing in sports pathologies. He accompanies you throughout all the stages of your care journey, from the initial consultation to your complete recovery.

Foot and Ankle Pathologies Treated by Dr. Julien Lopez

The pathologies treated by Dr. Julien Lopez are located in the ankle, forefoot, hindfoot, and medial part of the foot:

  • Hallux rigidus: arthritis occurring in the big toe
  • Hallux valgus: deviation of the big toe from its natural axis (bunion)
  • Claw toes: deformity of the forefoot due to the malfunction of tendons responsible for toe mobility
  • Morton's neuroma: sharp pain caused by compression of a digital plantar nerve
  • Achilles tendonitis: inflammation of the Achilles tendon located at the back of the foot

The doctor also treats all malformations and inflammations that occur as a result of other malformations or intense and regular sports activities.

Certain signs can alert you and lead you to consult an orthopedic surgeon specialized in podiatric pathologies, such as:

  • Pain when walking
  • Difficulty walking naturally
  • Deformities, overlapping, or bumps appearing on your toes
  • Inflammation or burning due to friction between your toes

Dr. Julien Lopez welcomes you to one of his offices located in the Saint Tropez region for your initial consultation.

Procedure of the First Consultation: Diagnosis of the Pathology and Identification of the Cause

During this consultation, the orthopedic surgeon begins with an interview about your discomfort/pain and evaluates its impact on your daily life, work, or sports activities. He asks several questions to understand the origins of the pain responsible for your discomfort:

  • The type, intensity, and frequency of physical activity you engage in
  • The type of shoes you wear daily (high heels, safety shoes, etc.)
  • The presence of a similar condition in your family members
  • The type and intensity of daily pain (burning, electric shocks, etc.)
  • The existence of associated symptoms
  • The search for a triggering factor, associated pathologies, therapies tried, previous surgeries, etc.

Based on your answers and a complete clinical examination, several diagnostic hypotheses are considered. Most of the time, these require additional imaging tests to confirm the diagnoses.

Adapted Non-Surgical Treatments

Following your consultation and the identification of the origin of your pain, a treatment protocol is established, with non-surgical treatments always preferred as the first approach except in rare cases.

  • Depending on the stage of the pathology, the specialist may recommend:
  • Wearing custom orthopedic insoles, ideal for relieving flat feet varus pain
  • Creating custom orthoses to reduce the discomfort of hallux valgus
  • Following physiotherapy sessions to reduce the risk of ankle sprain recurrence
  • Wearing less tight shoes on a daily basis to prevent friction and compression on the metatarsals
  • Other measures such as hyaluronic acid infiltration, corticosteroid infiltration, PRP infiltration, mesotherapy, fitness, weight loss, habit modifications, etc.

These solutions can be sufficient to provide lasting relief for some patients. They notably help reduce or eliminate daily pain.

Surgical Operation for Your Condition

If no improvement is noticeable after implementing non-surgical treatments, or if the level of discomfort increases, Dr. Julien Lopez will discuss surgical options and expected outcomes with you. This specialist performs minimally invasive (or micro-invasive) and/or open surgeries and supports you through all stages of the process, from the appointment with the anesthesiologist to postoperative dressings.

Percutaneous Surgery Procedures

Dr. Julien Lopez specializes in this type of surgery performed on soft tissues (tendons and joints) and bones.

It involves performing surgical procedures through incisions of only a few millimeters. These surgeries are considered less invasive than open procedures.

They offer many advantages for patients:

  • Procedures are often done on an outpatient basis, allowing for a quicker return home
  • Minimal scarring and reduced postoperative swelling
  • Faster recovery and convalescence
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Less postoperative pain

However, some interventions cannot be performed using minimally invasive surgery, as they involve bone realignments or reconstructions requiring a broader view for the surgeon.

The orthopedic surgeon specialized in sports pathologies provides comprehensive support, from consultation to recovery, to help patients achieve pain-free daily walking. Through appropriate treatments and interventions, he enables you to reduce discomfort and all the handicaps caused by foot and ankle pathologies.

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Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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