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Dr. Julien Lopez is not an orthopedic surgeon in Antibes itself…

Dr. Julien Lopez is not an orthopedic surgeon in Antibes itself, but he consults with patients in Nice and Cannes. He specializes in percutaneous surgery and provides comprehensive care for all foot and ankle pathologies.

Are your foot or ankle pains becoming troublesome or affecting your daily life? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Julien Lopez, an orthopedic surgeon, directly through Doctolib. He welcomes you for a consultation in one of his offices located in Nice, Cap d'Ail, or Cannes to provide a precise diagnosis of your condition and guide you through the treatment.

Orthopedic Doctor in Antibes Specializing in Sports Pathologies

Dr. Lopez works closely with an orthopedic doctor in Antibes for all pathologies that do not concern the ankle or foot, such as hip, knee, shoulder, etc. Dr. Lopez specializes exclusively in foot and ankle pathologies, particularly in minimally invasive surgery. It is not uncommon for patients to make appointments for joint problems in the knee or hip. In such cases, you will be referred to a colleague, an orthopedic doctor in Antibes, or a sports medicine physician for further care.

Initial Consultation with the Specialist

During the initial consultation, the surgeon asks you various questions to learn more about the origins of your pain, hereditary factors, and to evaluate the impact of functional discomfort in your daily life, whether personal or professional. Depending on this information, X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs may be considered to obtain a better analysis of your tendons, bones, and joints.

Depending on the stage of advancement of your condition and the intensity of your pain, Dr. Julien Lopez will guide you toward either surgery or non-surgical treatments. Indeed, the initial symptoms can often be relieved without surgery, and the sports pathology specialist is aware of this. Therefore, he will recommend these treatments when possible. If that is not the case, surgical intervention is proposed and discussed based on the expected postoperative results.

It is not uncommon to have bilateral pathologies affecting both feet. Whether you are seeking a foot specialist in Antibes or a foot specialist near Antibes, you can make an appointment in Nice, Cannes, or Cap d'Ail. After considering your symptoms and imaging results, an appropriate treatment plan will be offered.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options Considered

Several non-surgical treatments are considered by the specialist, such as:

  • Customized insoles with protection in specific areas
  • Corrective foot orthoses for joint support
  • Properly fitting shoes that provide space for the toes
  • Physical therapy sessions to relax the joints and regain foot flexibility
  • Dietary follow-up to reduce any contributing overweight condition
  • Avoidance of tight shoes like high heels or safety shoes
  • Less intense sports activities
  • Medications, infiltrations, mesotherapy, shockwave therapy, and more.

If these treatments prove insufficient, surgical intervention may need to be considered by an orthopedic surgeon in Antibes (O6), Nice, Cannes, or the surrounding areas. Dr. Lopez is a sector 2 doctor, and the fees for various surgical procedures performed may vary. He will provide all this information during your consultation.

Orthopedic Surgeon near Antibes for Minimally Invasive Operations

As an orthopedic surgeon near Antibes specializing in percutaneous and minimally invasive techniques, this surgical approach is always preferred over conventional open techniques. Minimally invasive techniques, usually performed on an outpatient basis, offer several advantages for patients:

  • Quick return home
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less intense pain
  • Reduced swelling
  • Lighter anesthesia
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Faster healing
  • Discreet and aesthetic scars

The foot specialist explains each step of the care process, from the appointment with the anesthesiologist to post-operative care.

Preoperative Consultation

One or more preoperative consultations allow the foot and ankle specialist to provide you with information about the course of the operation and its risks. An appointment with the anesthesiologist is also scheduled to determine the most suitable type of anesthesia for your situation and overall health.

Appointment with an Anesthesiologist

Anesthesia used for minimally invasive surgery is generally regional, meaning that a specific region of the body is desensitized without altering the patient's consciousness. However, the patient's health status and the stage of the condition may justify general anesthesia. This consultation aims to determine all these aspects and explain the complications and risks associated with the patient.

Explanation of the Operation: Surgical methods are often similar regardless of the center, whether for foot surgery in Antibes, Nice, Cannes, whether in a hospital or private sector.

Dr. Julien Lopez explains to the patient:

  • The course of the outpatient procedure
  • All stages (incisions, osteotomies, realignments, etc.)
  • Complications and risks
  • Pain and swelling caused
  • Location and size of scars
  • Post-operative care (bandages, rehabilitation, etc.)
  • Post-operative contraindications (walking, running, driving, etc.)
  • Duration of recovery and associated work stoppages
  • The cost of the operation and its reimbursement modalities

Percutaneous Surgical Operation

Dr. Julien Lopez favors the percutaneous technique whenever possible. Performed on "soft tissues" as well as on bones and joints, it requires specific tools and skills. Fine scalpels and rotating drills are coupled with radiographic imaging to treat orthopedic pathologies such as:

  • Hallux valgus (bunions)
  • Quintus varus (bunionettes)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat valgus feet
  • Morton's syndrome
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Claw toes, and more.

However, open surgery is sometimes necessary. Dr. Julien Lopez also performs this type of intervention. This foot and ankle specialist in the Antibes region allows you to reduce your pain and regain pain-free natural walking, depending on the state of your condition.

Post-operative Support

Post-operative support is essential for complete recovery, including:

  • Adherence to guidelines: cessation of sports, driving, or work
  • Rehabilitation exercises to be performed alone or with the assistance of an accredited professional
  • Post-operative care and bandage application methods
  • Duration of pain and average healing time
  • Dosage of medication (pain relievers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, etc.)
  • Duration of immobilization of your foot/ankle with a boot or orthosis.

Whether you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon located in Antibes or a foot specialist in Antibes, whether for emergency or routine consultation, Dr. Lopez welcomes you with pleasure within a 30-minute drive to Cannes, Nice, or Cap d'Ail.

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Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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