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Orthopedic Surgeon in Saint Raphaël, Nice, or Cannes?

Are you searching for an orthopedic surgeon in Saint Raphaël, Nice, or Cannes? Dr. Julien Lopez specializes in sports injuries, foot, and ankle pathologies. He performs minimally invasive and open surgical procedures to eliminate or reduce daily debilitating pain.

If you're looking for a foot surgeon in Saint Raphaël who can accompany you, provide advice, and offer detailed monitoring of the progression of your condition, Dr. Julien Lopez can help you reduce your daily pain. Minimally invasive surgeries reduce recovery time and result in discreet scars.

You can schedule an appointment directly with Dr. Julien Lopez on Doctolib. Specializing in sports traumatology, he consults in the cities of Nice, Cap d'Ail, and Cannes.

Orthopedic Surgeon in Saint Raphaël for Your Foot and Ankle Pathologies

If you live in the town of Saint Raphaël or nearby, it's natural to consider consulting an orthopedic surgeon in Saint Raphaël to treat a foot or ankle pathology. It is advisable to consult a specialist in foot conditions, specifically someone with an exclusive focus on the foot and ankle. In practice, there are few foot specialists in Saint Raphaël itself.

Whether your condition arises from sports activity or is hereditary, Dr. Julien Lopez can help you diagnose it and discuss appropriate treatment options. Depending on information about your profession, lifestyle, medical history, sports activity, and potential aggravating factors, he will first guide you towards non-surgical treatments if your condition allows it.

Indeed, wearing safety shoes or high heels, being overweight, or engaging in overly intense physical activity can harm your joints, tendons, and muscles. Through the use of orthoses, insoles, or physiotherapy sessions, he can assess the progression of your pain and the need for intervention. If your condition is severe or resistant, these treatments may be ineffective or insufficient, and surgery may be justified. In such cases, Dr. Lopez will explain the principles of the surgical procedure, the steps involved, and the postoperative care to reassure you about the management of your condition.

Among the forefoot pathologies treated by the surgeon, we find hallux valgus, claw toes, Morton's syndrome, quintus varus, cysts, arthritis, and ingrown toenails of the big toe, among others.

He also addresses midfoot or rearfoot and ankle pathologies, such as Achilles tendonitis (corporal or calcifying insertion tendonitis), fibular tendonitis, foot cysts, ankle conflicts, flat feet, chronic ankle instability, and acute traumatic pathologies like fractures or tendon ruptures, especially Achilles tendon ruptures.

Dr. Lopez does not practice as an orthopedic surgeon in Saint Raphaël itself; he only consults at the private clinic Cannes Oxford, as well as in Nice and Cap d'Ail. He always performs interventions in a minimally invasive manner when possible.

Orthopedic Surgery in Saint Raphaël: Percutaneous Procedures

If you prefer not to travel far from your home, the Fréjus hospital has an orthopedic surgery department in Saint Raphaël that offers minimally invasive and percutaneous techniques.

Percutaneous surgery can be performed on soft tissues, tendons, and bones. It involves making incisions of a few millimeters to perform the procedure. Often done as an outpatient procedure under regional anesthesia, it allows patients to return home just a few hours later. The recovery is shorter, less painful, and the scars are discreet.

Dr. Julien Lopez supports and advises his patients to reduce localized pain in the foot and ankle, whether it arises from joint issues, improper support, or inflamed tendons. To achieve this, he conducts a diagnosis during a consultation, then proposes non-surgical solutions as the first approach, such as orthopedic insoles, physiotherapy, or others. The goal is to relieve the patient and, in some cases, achieve complete healing. You can make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Julien Lopez at one of his three offices located in Nice, Cannes, and Cap d'Ail, either online on Doctolib or by calling the office at 06 71 00 19 23.

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Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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