Flat Foot Surgery: Cost, Reimbursement, and Sick Leave

Flat foot: surgery and cost, Dr. Julien Lopez explains the different reimbursement methods for this surgery.

Flat foot is a condition characterized by the reduction or absence of the arch on the inner side of the foot. This part of the lower limb is normally visible as a hollow in the plantar vault. It helps distribute the body's weight evenly during walking and is involved in all foot movements, such as normal walking or running, for example.

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Whether congenital or acquired, this condition can lead to pain and a change in posture. Surgical intervention for flat feet is sometimes necessary to reduce the associated foot problems. Flat foot surgery is often accessible through percutaneous surgery, a procedure frequently performed by Dr. Julien Lopez.

The price of this operation depends on the sector of the Social Security convention to which the orthopedic surgeon belongs, as well as the nature of the surgical procedures performed. We will provide you with information on the price, additional fees, reimbursement methods, and compensation received during your sick leave.

Flat Foot Surgery: Price and Reimbursement

Flat foot surgery comes at a cost, and the actual out-of-pocket expense for the patient varies depending on the sector of the orthopedic surgeon's convention.

Reimbursement: Depending on the Convention Sector

There are three sectors in the CPAM (Caisse d'Assurance Maladie or Social Security) convention, numbered from 1 to 3, with different reimbursement rates. Here are some explanations to help you understand better:

Health professionals in "Sector 1" adhere to consultation fees set by the CPAM and cannot apply additional fees. The reimbursement for these appointments and surgical expenses is covered at 100% by CPAM.

Doctors and surgeons in "Sector 2" have the right to apply additional fees but are subject to regulations. They have a base consultation fee set by Social Security, which is 100% reimbursed. Additional fees are not covered by CPAM but may be partially or fully reimbursed depending on your mutual insurance plan.

Health professionals in "Sector 3" have more freedom in applying additional fees and provide an official quote to your mutual insurance company.

Dr. Julien Lopez is under "Sector 2." He may apply additional fees that are detailed in a quote you need to send to your mutual insurance company. After the response from your mutual insurance, depending on the nature of the surgery and mutual insurance coverage, the secretary will be able to inform you precisely about the remaining costs. This amount can be zero if the mutual insurance coverage is adequate.

As a specialist in foot and ankle pathologies, the surgeon can only advise you to choose a suitable insurance plan with your mutual insurance company. In the case of chronic conditions or regular consultations and treatments, your reimbursement plan must be adapted.

Price: Consultations Conducted by Dr. Julien Lopez

The fee for an initial orthopedic surgery consultation with Dr. Lopez ranges from 85 to 100 euros.

A follow-up consultation for orthopedic surgery at one of his offices in Nice or Cannes costs around 65 to 70 euros.

A remote video consultation to provide advice from a distance varies between 85 and 100 euros.

An adjustment to this pricing may be necessary depending on the medical procedures performed during the consultation, and the practitioner will inform you in advance.

Thus, in accordance with his convention sector, the fee for a consultation with Dr. Julien Lopez, initially set by Social Security, is 100% reimbursed. Additional fees for the consultation may be partially or fully reimbursed by the mutual insurance.

For flat foot surgery, the average patient out-of-pocket expenses are around 500 euros.

Flat Foot Surgery: Sick Leave and Compensation

Following flat foot surgery, your recovery largely depends on resting your lower limbs. To achieve this, the surgeon prescribes sick leave from your professional activity.

The number of days for sick leave varies depending on the difficulty, nature, and means of transportation used to get to your workplace. To determine the required recovery time, the orthopedic surgeon questions you during your consultation.

If you have a physically demanding job involving driving and heavy lifting, your sick leave will be longer than that of someone with an office job.

The compensation received during this sick leave depends on your position, seniority, and the amount of your fixed monthly salary. Feel free to inquire with your CPAM for more information.

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The informations on the page is provided for information only, it evokes general cases: your situation is specific.

Dr Julien Lopez, orthopedic foot surgeon in Nice welcomes you and advises you for your plantar aproneuritis.

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