Hallux Rigidus: Work Leave, Reimbursement, and Compensation

For a proper recovery from hallux rigidus, work leave is prescribed by the foot and ankle specialist.

Hallux rigidus or limitus is arthritis of the big toe, which causes stiffness of the metatarsophalangeal joint due to cartilage degradation. This cartilage wear increases bone friction, leading to sometimes intense and disabling pain depending on the individual. When non-surgical treatments have not been effective, surgical intervention for hallux rigidus is considered by the specialist in orthopedic pathologies.

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The surgical intervention varies depending on the stage of the condition. In cases of advanced hallux rigidus, fusion of the arthritic joint is necessary, while in less severe stages, conservative treatment options are available (cheilectomy, decompression osteotomy, pyrocarbon ball prosthesis).

Whenever possible, the surgeon prefers minimally invasive procedures or non-invasive surgical acts. These interventions, which are truly advantageous for patients, are performed on an outpatient basis and allow for a shorter recovery period. They reduce tissue trauma with small, aesthetic, and discreet scars.

The reimbursement for this operation depends on the convention sector of the healthcare practitioner. A work leave is prescribed following this surgical procedure, and the duration primarily depends on the nature of the procedure and the patient's occupation.

Reimbursement by Social Security: Hallux Rigidus Operation

The reimbursement by Social Security for a hallux rigidus operation depends mainly on the convention sector to which the surgeon belongs.

Variable Reimbursement Depending on the Convention Sector

A specialist orthopedic surgeon in convention sector 1 establishes rates imposed by the CPAM for consultations and medical procedures. These are reimbursed at 100% by the public healthcare system.

Convention sector 2 surgeons, such as Dr. Julien Lopez, are entitled to charge additional fees, which are added to the rate initially set by Social Security. These fees may be partially or entirely reimbursed by your health insurance, depending on the policy you have with the organization.

Healthcare professionals in convention sector 3, on the other hand, can freely set their fees.

Dr. Julien Lopez, Convention Sector 2

The specialist in sports pathologies is in convention sector 2. He sets the following prices for his consultations.

For appointments with Dr. Julien Lopez, the consultation fee ranges from 70 to 100 euros.

These prices consist of the base rate set by CPAM and additional fees. The amount of reimbursement varies depending on the health insurance policy you have.

The price of your surgical intervention also depends on the surgical procedures performed. In this regard, the specialist in sports pathologies takes the time to explain all the planned procedures during your intervention.

Following the surgery, the orthopedic surgeon prescribes a work leave so that the front of your foot can recover during an appropriate rest period. He provides more detailed information about its duration when scheduling the intervention.

Toe Hallux Rigidus Operation and Sick Leave: Duration and Compensation

Following a toe hallux rigidus operation, sick leave is recommended to prevent complications.

Even though walking is possible from the first day after the surgery, discontinuing driving and sports activities is necessary to avoid pain and swelling.

The duration of the driving leave can range from a few days to 6 weeks, while the resumption of sports activities typically occurs between 1 and 3 months after the operation.

The duration of the work leave depends on various factors, including:

  • The time required for commuting to work
  • The type of surgical procedure performed
  • The operated side
  • The possibility of telecommuting
  • The patient's overall health
  • The mode of transportation used to get to work
  • The need to drive as part of your job
  • Prolonged standing
  • The necessity of handling and lifting heavy loads, increasing pressure on the front of your foot

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