Quintus Varus Surgery: Cost, Reimbursement, and Sick Leave

Dr. Julien Lopez provides you with information on Quintus Varus, its surgery, cost, reimbursement, and sick leave.

As a specialist in foot and ankle pathologies, he welcomes you to one of his offices or offers remote video consultations to diagnose your Quintus Varus and its functional impact. Then, tailored treatments, both non-surgical and surgical, will be proposed to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by your bunionette.

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When the stage of your condition requires it, surgical intervention for your Quintus Varus is scheduled. The foot and ankle pathology specialist guides you through every step of your percutaneous surgery journey, but what about reimbursement?

The cost of your Quintus Varus operation and the actual out-of-pocket expenses for the patient depend on the practitioner's convention sector and the type of health insurance you have subscribed to. Compensation received during your sick leave depends on your status, seniority, and salary.

Bunionette Surgery: Cost and Reimbursement

Bunionette: Surgery, Cost, and Reimbursement – the specialist provides you with the necessary information to prepare for the procedure and related expenses.

Quintus Varus Surgery: Percutaneous Surgical Procedure

"Quintus Varus" or "bunionette" refers to a misalignment of the little toe located along the axis of the 5th metatarsal. This condition, which can cause pain and discomfort, may require surgery depending on the patient's level of discomfort. The surgeon always favors non-invasive procedures when possible. This approach leads to a shorter recovery time, lighter anesthesia, and less noticeable scars. Percutaneous surgery is made possible by combining it with medical imaging, which guides the surgical actions during the procedure.

To rebalance the support, the principles of non-invasive surgical procedures include the following steps:

  • Sectioning of the affected joint using an appropriately sized tool
  • Osteotomy of the metatarsal bone +/- the first phalanx
  • Tenotomies of extensor or flexor tendons
  • Placement of a pin to maintain the correction is determined during the surgery

As a result, the 5th metatarsal is straightened, and the surrounding soft tissues are relaxed.

This procedure requires follow-up appointments and post-operative care provided by the foot and ankle pathology specialist.

Consultations with Dr. Julien Lopez: Applied Fees

The CPAM or Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie is a French public organization that covers your consultations and operations when they are performed by healthcare professionals and are considered necessary, not just aesthetic. The practitioner's convention sector and your health insurance plan also influence the reimbursement you receive.

Dr. Julien Lopez applies the following fees:

  • Approximately €85 for your first post-surgery consultation
  • €70 for your surgical follow-up
  • €90 for a video consultation

Dr. Lopez is in sector 2, accepts the Carte Vitale (health insurance card), and payments in cash, cheque, and credit card. If you wish to schedule an appointment with this specialist, you can do so directly on Doctolib. You can choose to meet him at one of his offices in Cannes or Nice.

Cost and Reimbursement: Practitioner's Convention Sector

What are the compensations received following the completion of your bunionette surgery? Reimbursement varies depending on the practitioner's convention sector and the type of health insurance you have.

Professionals in sector 1 only apply rates set by the CPAM. All the various procedures performed by these practitioners are fully reimbursed by health insurance (consultation and surgery).

Professionals in sector 2 who adhere to the rates set by Social Security can also charge regulated fees. The standard rate is fully covered, and any additional fees can be covered by your insurance. Dr. Lopez falls into this category. The average out-of-pocket expense for a patient after CPAM and insurance reimbursement following Quintus Varus surgery ranges from €150 to €450. Additional fees are outlined in a quote, which the patient sends directly to their insurance company. Depending on the insurance plan you have, these additional fees may be partially or fully reimbursed.

Practitioners in sector 3 have the freedom to set their own fees for surgical procedures. Check with your insurance company to understand your reimbursement rights.

Quintus Varus: Sick Leave

Following your Quintus Varus operation, sick leave is necessary for recovery. Although bunionette surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, rest and rehabilitation are essential to regain normal support and walking, as well as optimal mobility.

The duration of sick leave depends on the nature of your professional activity, the means of transportation you use to reach your workplace, the operated side, and the procedures performed.

The specialist's recommendations after bunionette surgery include:

  • Avoid driving for a minimum of 2 weeks (unless you have an automatic vehicle and the left foot is operated on)
  • Sick leave from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your profession
  • Prohibition of sports activities for at least 2 months, depending on their intensity and nature
  • Wearing medical shoes for 3 to 4 weeks

Thus, the duration of sick leave varies depending on your professional activity. Here are some factors that can influence this prescription:

  • Regular car travel as part of your workday
  • Long-distance commutes to your workplace (long walks, car journeys, etc.)
  • Engagement in sports activities as part of your profession (sports coach, PE teacher, etc.)
  • Heavy lifting and significant pressure on your support as part of your job
  • Outdoor work that requires prolonged standing (roofer, solar panel installer, artisan, construction worker, etc.)

If the possibility of working from home is feasible, or at least working in a seated position, the duration of sick leave will be shorter than for a tradesperson heavily using their support or walking to their workplace.

Salaried benefits acquired during this sick leave depend on your company's collective bargaining agreement, seniority, position, and salary.

A consultation with orthopedic surgeon Julien Lopez will provide you with answers to all your questions regarding the procedure, its cost, reimbursement, and prescribed sick leave.

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