Rehabilitation After Clawed Toe Surgery

Dr. Lopez offers a personalized rehabilitation protocol after clawed toe surgery to ensure optimal functional recovery.

The surgeon provides comprehensive medical follow-up for the condition, from the initial consultation to postoperative recovery.

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Dr. Lopez has chosen to work closely with various healthcare professionals, including podiatrists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, anesthesiologists, nurses, and more. This collaboration allows him to provide his patients with an optimized care path and the best possible recovery.

Clawed Toes and Rehabilitation: Is It Necessary?

In the case of clawed toes, rehabilitation is not mandatory.

Rehabilitation is an important step in most surgical procedures. However, it is not always necessary for forefoot surgery. The surgeon will explain self-rehabilitation exercises, which are often sufficient to regain mobility and normal walking. Indeed, the forefoot has a natural recovery capacity, and it is important to trust in its ability to heal. Nevertheless, in some cases, the surgeon may prescribe physiotherapy sessions. Rehabilitation will be tailored to the patient's specific needs, as there is no standardized protocol for foot rehabilitation.

After undergoing percutaneous clawed toe surgery to correct this condition, rehabilitation may be prescribed to ensure complete recovery and significantly reduce the risk of deformity recurrence. Rehabilitation may include exercises to improve toe mobility and flexibility, as well as techniques to strengthen muscles and enhance balance. Proper rehabilitation can also help reduce pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation, and prevent the formation of adhesions. Rehabilitation can also facilitate the resumption of certain activities more quickly, such as normal walking, driving, and sports activities.

Thus, well-planned and regularly performed rehabilitation can guarantee good functional recovery and prevent long-term complications after clawed toe surgery. Dr. Lopez will prescribe physiotherapy sessions if he believes they can be beneficial and necessary for your recovery.

Operated Clawed Toe: A Physiotherapist for Your Rehabilitation

In the case of an operated clawed toe, two alternatives are possible: a specialized physiotherapist can assist you, or the patient can perform exercises independently at home.

Rehabilitation sessions can begin as early as the day after the operation or starting from the 21st day post-surgery with the assistance of a physiotherapist.

It is recommended to schedule 8 to 20 rehabilitation sessions at a frequency of 2 to 3 times per week. In the case of clawed toes, post-operative exercises aim to:

  • Fully restore joint mobility
  • Re-educate walking by working on toe propulsion
  • Massage scars and combat swelling
  • Strengthen foot and leg muscles

Mobilization should be performed on the first ray and the lateral rays to ensure complete recovery. It is important to note that percutaneous osteotomies must be mobilized with caution and following your surgeon's instructions. If you have any doubts about the exercises you can perform, do not hesitate to ask the secretary or the surgeon via email.

Rehabilitation Exercises for Clawed Toes to Be Performed Independently

You can also perform rehabilitation exercises for clawed toes on your own in addition to the work done with the physiotherapist. This step can be initiated immediately after returning home. These exercises, performed independently, help prevent toe stiffness and regain mobility.

Here are some exercises to perform after claw toe surgery at home on your own:

  1. The first exercise involves maintaining the toe in dorsal flexion.
  2. The second exercise aims to prevent the toe from staying raised. It involves gently pushing the toe towards the plantar arch.
  3. You can perform exercises 1 & 2 passively (moving the toes with your hand) or actively (contracting the muscles to move the toes).

For each self-rehabilitation session, it is recommended to perform:

  • 10 repetitions of each exercise
  • At least 2 sessions per day
  • Over a period of 6 weeks
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The informations on the page is provided for information only, it evokes general cases: your situation is specific.

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